Implant Overdentures

Implant Overdentures

About Implant Overdentures

Titanium posts (implants) are inserted into the jaw, where the bone will heal around them. After the implants have healed, your denture is modified to snap onto the implant abutment. The denture will be secure but may be removed for cleaning with a simple “snap”.


Why consider?

Too many people who have conventional dentures don’t wear them for the simple fact that they don’t stay in place. Dental implants offer a way to keep dentures in place and allow you to go about your daily life with confidence.

The problems with loose dentures

Millions of people around the world are missing teeth and many of them struggle to keep their dentures secure, particularly in the lower jaw. If you have this problem, you already know about the embarrassment of slipping dentures, not being able to eat the foods that you love and the ineffectiveness of denture adhesives. Fortunately, there is a way to make your denture work the way it was intended. Stabilize it with dental implants.

Benefits of denture stabilization

• Restores proper chewing, allowing a better diet and improved health
• Improves speech and confidence
• Increases comfort with less irritation of gum tissue
• Ends the cost and inconvenience of denture adhesives
• Often can utilize your existing denture
• Minimally invasive procedure

Dental Implant Stabilized Overdenture


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